A Look At What to Do if Your Home Has Cracks in the Foundation

Imagine returning home from work to discover a big crack in one of your walls. Since it doesn’t seem to be a threat to the house’s structural integrity, you just patch the sheetrock and move on. After a few days or weeks, another crack occurs in a different place. Again, it doesn’t seem to be a significant problem, so you fix it up.click for more info

When a third crack occurs a short time later, you become worried and seek advice from a contractor. He claims that the issues are caused by settling and are minor, but that the stucco is beginning to crack and should be repaired. The repairs have been done, and everything appears to be in working order for the time being.

Other cracks emerge soon after, and their frequency and magnitude appear to be increasing. When you contact the builder, he suggests that the settling issue could be alleviated by replacing the roof and installing gutters and downspouts with french drains to divert water away from the foundation. The advantages are short-lived once again.

The water company calls you one day with a concern about your continued and unnecessary water use. You call a plumber, who performs checks and discovers an underground leak as well as serious foundation cracks. When he digs down to locate the leak, he finds that the water has been eroding the soil underneath the base, causing it to crack. He can repair the water line, but he suggests having someone check the foundation damage first.

The man who comes to evaluate the damage warns that unless the base is repaired, the cracking will continue and the house will finally be demolished. The new roof and other improvements only helped to disguise the problem rather than fix it.

Unfortunately, both parties’ attempts to address economic concerns have been fairly close to those made to resolve domestic issues. The issues were initially dismissed as minor and were fixed without any attempt to determine what was causing them.

When new laws failed to fix the issues, financial bailouts of financial institutions were implemented. While this seemed to work, it did not solve the problem.

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