Adultery and a Divorce Consoles

Do you have thoughts about adultery and divorce or perhaps have concerns about your spouse cheating on you? Well it’s something that we have all thought about but I have given some thought to this and wonder how spouses might be pushing their spouse to have an affair and thus end up divorced.You may find more details about this at Adultery and a Divorce: Does an Affair Matter?

I know you are probably thinking this sounds crazy but just stay with me for a moment and see if you might be guilty of some of these behaviors and if so perhaps you can change your ways before infidelity does happen.

Adultery and divorce are both painful and ugly and difficult to go through. It doesn’t matter how many people tell you how awful it is you really don’t understand until you have been through it. It’s very tough on your mental and physical well-being. If you are dealing with either one my heart goes out to you and I hope you are having better days as time goes by.

Behaviors That Might Be Pushing Your Spouse Toward Adultery and Divorce

Withholding Sexually – It is common in many marriages to have different sexual needs and thus it takes some working together in order for both spouses to be fulfilled sexually. It is also common for spouses to withhold sexually for various reasons, such as, trying to get ones way or perhaps to punish a spouse for one reason or another.

Sexualizing Others – Sometimes couples think that is OK to flirt or talk openly about potentially engaging in sexual relations with others. Some view it as flirting but it causes divisiveness and can actually lead to the opposite happening, e.g., your spouse having an affair.

Frustrating Your Spouse – Frustration and dissatisfaction with marriage or a relationship is a leading cause for adultery and divorce. Frustrations can result in emotional insecurity or instability and cause a spouse to be open to committing adultery.

Acting As Though Your Marriage Is Over – If you have given up on your marriage and treat your marriage as if it is over, your spouse may feel as though it’s OK to cheat. So many individuals who are looking to commit adultery explain to their potential sexual partner that their marriage is over and they are getting a divorce. In their opinion it’s not adultery.

There is no secret formula to know when adultery will be committed and no tricks to avoid divorce. However, one of the things that we can do is control our actions and do our part to make sure we are creating an environment that doesn’t push our spouse towards adultery and divorce.

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