Facts you should know about Bronx Sidewalk Repair Company

The homeowner, not being aware of possible concrete raising options, decided that the removal of his old concrete and the replacement with new concrete was the only solution. Chris rented a mixer, bought 12 bags of concrete, a trowel, and some forming material and then started mixing the concrete. The price tag was around $175. He had already a big walking stick, as well as digging tools. With everything that was going as planned, he spent the entire day Saturday demoing and removing the old concrete, and taking it all to somewhere for some other purpose.Learn more by visiting Native Concrete & Sidewalk – Bronx sidewalk replacement

You got it all ready, and then he formed everything for you. And so, the mixing began. After a day and a half of hard labour, the new concrete was complete, and things looked really good from a distance, but up close, it didn’t look like that perfect neighbour’s, which had been freshly laid, with the smoothest lines out of town. (broomed). Thankfully, the client wanted to quickly clean the garage floor, but he misunderstood that he needed to clean the concrete floor with a broom. After a short period of time, the homeowner was both tired and sore, and the sidewalk section was a touch rougher than a “OK” job, but not necessarily bad. However, he still ended up with a day of his time and $175 less in his pocket. He had a large number of concrete pieces to move outside. His garbage pick-up service didn’t pick up the garbage that day. I bet it is fun. For less than $400, you could hire a concrete repair contractor to raise the sidewalk and then call in an outside contractor to caulk the crack, seal it up, and leave a clean and repaired sidewalk in about an hour’s time. When it comes to concrete repair around your home, make sure to hire a professional.

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