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The value of praising a long-term customer was immediately known to him. “Wherever you go, that’s where we’ll be…” Wherever you go, this is where we are going to be. Beyond the decent service, the sound legal advice and the expectation of professionalism, what mattered to that customer on an emotional level was that this business had been on the side of his company through the good times and the bad ones. Not all of your clients will hand you a resonant marketing phrase with you.Learn more about this at Dallas Bankruptcy Law Firm.

But when this happens, you can become more aware of them by an experienced marketing professional with the right abilities and, more importantly, can help you to use them to shape the way your business brands its services. The key, however, in this instance, is not the catchy phrase or even the kind expression of gratitude. The fact that it represents a fundamental truth about the company is what makes the Century City company’s marketing insight so significant: it sticks to its customers even when times get rough. That’s how the company does its business.

In the late 1990s, one of the largest law firms in the nation decided that it wanted to tap into the technology boom. The marketing team advised the company to target small start-up businesses and offer them a reduced hourly rate for general business matters in the hope that if the business succeeded, all their legal work, including taking them public, would be handed over to the company. The marketers thought that doing this would show the company’s dedication and loyalty to their smaller, more vulnerable clients. One such customer had this unfortunate experience dealing with the company: The business seemed to be really interested in what we were trying to create at the beginning. They spent time getting to know us and expressed a true desire to succeed in seeing us.

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