Facts you should know about Dmv Vin Verification

The most important number on a vehicle is probably the VIN number. You will not be able to verify other components or numbers if you do not know how to decode the VIN on a particular Chevrolet.What is nice about the book is that it actually walks you through the entire process of decoding, including providing the location of the specific numbers. As a sidebar, the way to decode your car, including number locations and decoding information, will be outlined in any good resource book on your particular make and model car.You may find more details about this at QUICK VIN VERIFICATION – vin verifier.

The VIN number is located on the top of the dashboard, on the drivers’ side, on 1968 and 1969 Camaros. By means of the windshield, the number is visible. I wiped the dirt and the dust off the tag of the VIN and copied the numbers to my notebook. In 1969, all Camaro trim tags were placed on the upper left-hand corner of the firewall in the engine compartment. I took my rag out of the trim tag and cleaned all the dust and gunk out of it. I recleaned the trim tag, and removed the rest of the gunk, since the numbers were not that clear. To illuminate the numbers, I used my flashlight and then I copied the numbers into my notebook. Some of the numbers for the trim tag matched the numbers for the VIN tag, which was a good sign. The remaining numbers indicated that it was number 353, XXX for my car body to come down the assembly line of this plant. The interior was originally a standard black interior, and in the first week of June, 1969, the car was constructed. The car was originally painted dark blue and was equipped with a package of spoilers and a package of chrome trim. Everything was lining up until now. The reason for all this information is to illustrate how you can verify that what you believe you are buying is exactly what you are getting.

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