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If already understand what SEO and Digital Marketing is, now let us find out what exactly the difference between them really is. SEO is basically one of those tools utilized in Digital Marketing. If you’re looking for more tips, Five Channels SEO and Marketing has it for you. The first main difference between SEO and Digital Marketing then is that SEO is actually one of those tools utilized in Digital Marketing. What this means is that instead of just using SEO to build up your site and get it popular, you use it to promote your site.


When we talk about Digital Marketing, we simply mean that you will be using Search Engine Optimization techniques on your site. Some of these techniques are like Guest blogging, Search Engine Marketing, Email marketing, Pay per click advertising, banner advertising, RSS advertising, social media advertising, etc. Now all these techniques can help you increase your traffic, but they will also help you build a better reputation for yourself on the internet as well as help you get better search engine rankings. And so, if you want to reach these top positions and do this type of advertising, you need SEO.

So what SEO can do for you? Well, since it will provide your website with better rankings and higher website traffic, you will definitely benefit from this method. What SEO can do is optimize your website content so that it has better chances of being noticed by people looking for what you have to offer. This way, you will be able to easily increase your search engine ranking and you will gain more website traffic. And when you do this kind of advertising campaigns, you must make sure that you only do those which are SEO friendly.

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