Full Body Wax – An Overview

Well, facial waxing really turns out to be a normal beauty treatment! (I never would have guessed, because that doesn’t sound too appealing) But no less, people always opt for this care and oh, one woman took the wrong choice! She had to figure out the difficult way that face waxing isn’t all cracked. Therefore, I wanted to compose this lens to remind people about the dangers they could encounter if put in the hands of a facial waxer. So enjoy! So enjoy! If you wish to learn more about this, visit 100 Ultimate Beauty Secrets That Stand the Test of Time

Ah, face! Ah, face! It must be the major part of the body that attracts the attention of people in the first meeting. When we engage with others, the face is our primary focus (so we can have talks and what is not!). However, you must agree that all of you ladies read is nothing more shameful than people notice that all of the women have the “peach fuzz” we want to term the dreaded facial hair. As every other aspect of the body, the face cannot be covered, but women seem to lose trust in themselves and their looks, so they begin to become more and more self-conscious. Since such a loss of faith, it is then that women want harsh facial waxing.

Positive ones

  • In contrast with shaving, you are expected to have a longer lasting healthy skin as waxing takes around 3-6 weeks, while shaving only lasts about 5 days.
  • You should ensure that only the spot with the wax on it is cleaned, since you or your waxing expert have complete control over where the hair is removed.
  • The more often you wax a place, the more hair follicles you damage. This ensures that the hair would not develop back despite years of waxing, which is very useful if you are embarrassed regarding your facial hair.
  • Facial waxing is pretty cheap. In a business salon it costs about £10-£20, but in most shops it costs about £7 to buy a home package.

Adverse events

Facial waxing causes you even more discomfort when it takes place in one of the most vulnerable and fragile regions of the body!

  • Facial waxing has been known several times to render the skin redness and to leave red lumps on the face.
  • Blood patches are also left on the skin when not only hair is removed but layers of skin are often removed from the face as they wax.
  • Inflammation, allergic reactions and skin disease can contribute to face waxing (in the long run).
  • If facial waxing equipment is not used correctly, skin discomfort and skin burns may occur.
  • No single stroke of all facial hair is replaced so the waxing process needs to be performed many times.
  • Once you wax, that doesn’t guarantee that all hair is stripped from the roots, which ensures hair will then begin to develop again.
  • Certain individuals can be discolored from waxing on their faces.

A lady went to her favorite beauty salon for facial waxing. She was new to waxing, so she was not aware of the beautician’s protocol, or the kind of accident that face waxing might inflict. Her wizard did not notify her of a skin patch test which she required 24-48 hours before the operation. Instead, the wizard laid down the lady and started heating the wax. The beautician became greedy and felt the wax was warm enough, spreading it over the face of the victim, before ripping it off too quickly. (We didn’t correctly heat the wax and cut the strip so soon!) Only DISASTER would say that! The woman shouted in agony as her face started to bleed. The wizard ripped both her skin and her hair on the cheeks so blood was present everywhere! (Not a nice sight, as you might guess).

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