Garage Door Openers – Reviewed


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There are several styles of openers out there for the garage door, so which one is right for you??? The first thing you need to know is that garage door openers don’t suit all applications in one size. If it is on the right type of door, most of our repairs are performed on devices that are either mounted improperly or the opener is on the wrong type of door, and in many cases only a low-quality opener, garage door openers are designed to work better.You may want to check out garage door opener Coquitlam for more.

 With that being said, on the market there are many kinds of garage door openers.. There are screw drives, there are chain drives, there are belt drives, and last but not least, there are direct drives, generally referred to as “Jackshafts” But let’s pick them up one at a time and begin with…

Screw-Drives Drives

For the better part of 45 years, these devices have been standard (not inherently good) on all types of doors, however… they need frequent maintenance because of their nature. Genie used a very durable steel in the “carriage” or “trolley” back in the late 6 Os, 7 Os and early 8 Os, and the machines were tough! They would run for what seemed like forever even without grease on the screw, then they switched to a lighter grade steel and all that went downhill, the openers would always go as long as any out there provided you greased the screw daily, but who ever does that!! So the Genie screw-drive trolley’s average life was around 4-5 years and that’s being kind, Liftmaster or Chamberlain or Craftsman, both built by the same mfg… (Chamberlain) also has a screw-drive and it has the same problem so that they use a plastic inner trolley and a self-lubricating housing around the screw to hold the heat and wear down, but the actual self-lubricating housing. My official view on screw drives is… stay away from them, they’re old technology with a fresh look.


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