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Home Care is that type of health care or medical care that is provided directly by a qualified, licensed caregiver in the person’s home where the client or patient is residing, rather than care given in nursing homes or group clinics. Homecare is sometimes called domiciliary care, adult day care or residential care. The type of services usually offered by home health aides are physical, occupational or speech therapy; maintenance, cleaning and errands assistance; bathing; medication reminders and dietary education; personal care such as dressing, grooming, walking, using the bathroom and transferring furniture; medication guidance and management; and therapy or socializing with patients. Some home health aides work directly for the client or patients, while others are independent contractors who visit the patients’ home on a scheduled basis for specific tasks. Many also work through an agency or hired by a physician or other health care provider.Do you want to learn more? Visit Home Care Aide

When considering your loved one’s needs, it is important to consider all of their basic needs and any special medical needs that must be met. It is also important to make sure that your loved one has any special medical conditions that may require extra monitoring after the initial assessment to ensure safety and success of the program. It is also important to consider how much daily living is required by the patient, including how much of that time is spent in bed, if any medication is needed, how much help is needed to bathe, take vital signs and eat, and other activities.

In addition to the factors discussed above, there are many other factors to consider, including your loved one’s daily lifestyle, expectations and preferences when it comes to food, clothing, chores, medications, companionship, transportation, special medical requirements, exercise, and other daily activities. There is no right answer to the question of whether home health care is better than home health care because everyone’s circumstances are unique. For most families, the best solution is a combination of both. Your family’s medical situation and the needs of your loved one should be taken into consideration before you choose a home health care option. You should consider what you can afford, what type of help would be most helpful, and what kind of assistance would be most convenient for your family. Once you have determined which of these options would provide the most benefit, you will be ready to make an informed decision that will have a positive impact on your loved one’s health and quality of life.

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