How Digital X-Rays Are Used in Dentist Offices

Digital X-Rays are used in Radiology. Digital radiography is a type of radiography, which makes use of x-ray microchips for direct recording of images, directly capturing them on to digital plates without the prior use of an intermediary flash material. These microchips contain multiple channels which capture and send information directly to the digital camera or computer, depending on the type of the microchip used. Digital radiographers can obtain digital images by making use of either hard or soft copies of the image. Some digital imaging also involves the direct recording on a hard drive or other media, and then converting these back into images on the digital media. click for more info
Dentist offices frequently utilize x-rays for various reasons. Sometimes, dental films are being made for dental treatments which require the use of more than one x-ray machine, making the possible technical interferences with other machines undesirable. Digital radiographers are therefore extremely useful in such cases, since they can make use of the x-rays already captured on a previous film by making digital copies.
Digital X-Rays is also utilized in dentist offices for patient preparation before dental procedures. This means that during a procedure, the patient lies on a table that is attached to a light source. The x-rays capture the image of the bone structure of the patient and its location relative to other parts of the body, such as the skull or the joints. Digital x-ray film radiographers are particularly valuable in dental films because of their ability to read bone structures that would otherwise be difficult to read with film radiography.

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