How to Increase Home Storage Capacity

Mobile shelves, once the domain of warehouse-based companies, are now available for domestic use, providing homeowners with a simple and effective way to expand the storage capacity of their garage. Get more info about Metro East Mini Storage-Self Storage Edwardsville IL.

Moveable Shelves

For a long time, warehouses that need to know exactly where stock is and get to it quickly have relied on the convenience of mobile shelving. These cutting-edge storage systems allow companies to improve their organisation and performance. Similar issues plague many homeowners, but on a much smaller scale. Since garages are often thought of as an extension of home storage, their true ability to improve home organisation is often overlooked.

Mobile shelf units come in a range of sizes, enabling them to be used in a variety of settings, from industrial to residential. They not only increase the amount of usable floor space, but they can also make even the most inconvenient of things much more accessible. Depending on the size of the garage, different systems are available to manage anything from simple tool storage to the storage of larger, more cumbersome products.

Mobile Shelving Types

Mobile shelving is a collection of shelves placed on a track in its most simple form. The track, which is rotated clockwise and anti-clockwise by a handle, allows the operator to easily reach the object he is searching for. Using a domestic workshop, this can be a quick and easy way to locate things that would otherwise be misplaced or unavailable. They’re ideal for storing items that aren’t used very much, such as camping gear or larger, bulkier items that would otherwise take up space that could be better used.

Pallet Racking Systems are more suited to those that have larger garages. They are commonly used in warehouses to stack pallets containing heavy materials or goods, which are then loaded and unloaded using fork-lift trucks. However, many hobbyists and small business owners who use their garages as miniature warehouses have discovered the advantages of using smaller pallet racking systems. These storage systems are durable and solid, allowing the owner to maximise the amount of floor space available.

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