Living And Working In Sustainable Environments – Insulation Materials

What are the benefits of living in a straw-hut? Well it protects you from the warm rain and if you can withstand summer heat, humidity and overall lethargic weather with a little bit of breeze then this is the ideal natural climate with little initial investment. If you are trying to work in such a setting, it’s getting more difficult and less enjoyable.Do you want to learn more? find them here

Air conditioning and ventilation are the only choices for all other conditions where the air has to be cooled or heated in the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable way, using some type of climate control. Modern buildings will use the most powerful insulation techniques and materials, highly efficient lighting systems to produce the maximum light output for the smallest possible watts, and lower energy heat pumps in air conditioning systems that depend on highly effective insulation.

That counts is the bonding layer between the outside surface and the sheet-rock frame.

I prefer Self expanding foam, open cell or closed container, Styrofoam and Neoprene the three fabrics I like the most. Styrofoam is squeezed into a vacuum, and then used steam to stretch. It can fill every space and provide very efficient insulation for heat and cold. The Aerogel is by far the most effective but must be manufactured in sheets or blocks and cut to size for use and therefore only feasible in new construction when Styrofoam can often be added to an established cavity.

The most powerful substance available today is called an Aerogel, this is not a brand but the sort of material that has exceptional longevity and heat shielding properties within the possible operating temperatures in any planet Earth setting. There are water-repellent coating types that are best suited to areas where high humidity and precipitation are the main characteristics of local climate.

All products require experience, so do – it-yourself applicability is not advised. In almost every nation there are specialist firms that will apply such products.

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