Personal Injury Lawyer Protects Client

A personal injury lawyer is an attorney who provides legal representation to those who seek to have been harmed, either physically or mentally, as a consequence of the negligence of someone else, business, government agency, or any other entity. Personal injury lawyers mostly practice in the area of civil law recognized as tort law. This area of the law is concerned with allowing individuals to seek damages for claims of injuries, damages to property, loss of work or other types of losses suffered as the result of negligence on the part of others. A personal injury lawyer can provide sound legal advice and can assist the client in filing lawsuits in a court of law to address these issues. Get more info about Law Offices of Joan M Lauricella.

In order to understand the intricacies of personal injury law, it is imperative that a prospective client become knowledgeable about tort law. The primary focus of a personal injury lawyer will be to represent his or her client in a court of law to resolve any claims of injury brought against another individual, business entity or government agency. These claims may stem from a variety of circumstances including product defects, advertising claims, medical malpractice, property damage or wrongful death. Many people may be surprised to learn that just one person can file a claim in relation to a wide variety of personal injuries. Typically, when a personal injury lawyer is involved in a case the other party’s insurance provider will provide substantial payments to the lawyer if a court settlement is reached.

One of the most common areas of personal injury law is personal injury fraud. This occurs when a business or government agency compensates a person for making false claims or providing improper legal advice. False claims are particularly common in cases where the person who has sustained injury from another party does not actually suffer any physical harm. For example, many people may file claims for work-related injuries when they actually received minor lacerations as a result of a job-related incident. It may also be difficult to prove a personal injury fraud conviction, especially if there is no evidence that a person sustained an injury at the request of the person committing the fraud. Personal injury attorneys must be careful in their conduct of investigations and can sometimes mislead their clients into believing that they have strong claims when in fact their case may be weak.

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