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Our Latest Products:

2 Seater Swan Pedalo

These elegant craft will grace any lake. Suitable for 2 adults with room for a child sat behind the steering wheel, they are in wide use in public, safari and theme parks everywhere.

Very easy to maintain with decks made in a single one-piece moulding. Just an occasional wipe down is required.

5 Seater Swan Pedalo

Has 2 front seats with room for a child behind the steering wheel. A row of seats accomodates 2 to 3 adults immediately behind.

Fun for all the family.

2 Seater Dragon Pedalo

Originally designed as a special project for Scarborough's Peasholm Park, they have now entered our standard range of boats. Available in 2 and 5 seater versions.

5 Seater Dragon Pedalo

Based on the Japanese theme. They use the same hull and running gear as the Swan Pedalo. The dragon theme provides a unique attraction and they are hugely popular.

2 Seater Marauder Pedalo

Where standard craft are required these provide an ideal experience. All the stability and ease of operation that 25 years of experience provides has been built in.

5 Seater Marauder Pedalo

Great FUN for all the family!