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Metro works with customers to translate their 'ideas' into 'reality'.

Mississippi Log Rafts

These were originally a "Design and Build" project for Thorpe Park. The log raft shape and adornment were mounted on a standard Metro hull and propulsion gear.

Twenty five of them were built for Thorpe Park, they also operated at Mosney holidays in Ireland, Butlins Summerwest World and Flamingoland in Yorkshire.

Viking Ships

Another "Design and Build" project, 20 of them operated alongside a full scale replica Viking ship.

14ft long, built on exact Viking boat lines with 3 inbuilt buoyancy tanks and with Viking shield defences.

Who said "People won't queue for rowing boats."? They certainly did for the Metro Viking craft.

Swan 12 Seat Passenger Launch

Based on the well proven stable 17ft Dory hull - The Swan head is mounted in the bows - deck seating for 12. Aft canopy fitted. Powered by water cooled 4-stroke 9.9HP outboard.

Elegant, quiet and an immediate success wherever introduced.

Scarborough North Bay Railway

Metro were asked to "Design and Build" the passenger carriages for the Scarborough North Bay Railway.

The whole carriage construction above the rolling stock were designed, built and installed by Metro. This included carriage sides, roofs, seating and floor panels.

Two complete trains can still be seen running at Scarborough today.

Metro Road Train

Diesel powered, 4 wheel carriage steering, full air-brakes, 50 passengers over 3 carriages.

Designed to evoke a very British feel to the train.

British Airways

Metro produced all the equipment for the British Airways entry in the annual London Lord Mayor's show.

Five Concorde nose cones exactly 1/4 scale to the original aircraft were mounted together with a rotating 8ft diameter World sphere.