Because of this, taking every possible precaution to protect your home against flood damage is even more advantageous for homeowners located in flood zones. Flood damage is caused by homes located near water bodies such as lakes, rivers or the ocean, as well as homes in low-lying urban areas. This may be caused within a short period of time by flash flooding, a common type of flood, caused by heavy rainfall downpours. This type of flood provides you with very little warning, which means that in a relatively small-time window you need to protect your home as much as possible.Learn more about this at  HOW YOU CAN PROTECT YOUR HOME’S EXTERIOR FROM RAIN DAMAGE

There are measures, however, that you can take as a homeowner to immediately protect your home!By using lime-based paints with low permeability, which allows your walls to dry out faster, take precautions to protect the outside of your home by exercising the water that causes damage to your home. If possible, adding weeping holes to the walls of your cavity will allow faster drainage of the water that has permeated your home. Consider moving water heaters and electrical outlets higher when building your home or choosing to remodel.

Once water reaches these electrical outlets, it increases the damage to your home by a significant amount.In the case of a flood, the most significant form of protection that you can offer your home is flood insurance. It is unlikely that your general home insurance will cover flood damage even if your home is in a low-lying area or in a flood zone. Read the clause in your insurance contract and, if necessary, add flood insurance to your policy. Strong roofing: When you instal worn out or missing roofing materials for your home, the water will easily seep in and damage the structure of your house.

Consequently, for any roofing related services, always consult with professionals. You should also inspect your roofing twice every year, but you should always check your roofing if there is any serious storm. Look underneath your roof for moulds or any water marks.

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