Recycle A Damaged Car With an Auto Wrecker

An auto wrecker’s job is to uninstall an old or damaged vehicle. The functional components are removed from this car and the remainder of the metallic body is sold as scrap. Therefore, we see that the recycling of a vehicle fits the function of an auto wrecker.You may want to check out Kooragang Cash for Cars Association for more.

Recycling is a challenging approach since it requires the recycling of usable components, the removal of toxic materials, etc.

Measures that are part of this process are:

1. Taking an inventory of the materials.
2. Removal of wheels, tyres, catalytic converter and battery.
3. Fluid removal, such as engine coolant, fluid transmission oil, refrigerant air conditioning, diesel, etc.
4. If the condition is fine, parts such as electronic modules, alternators, starter motors, etc. are sold to users in as-is condition. Otherwise, they will be repaired and sold.
5. Hazardous chemicals are withdrawn, such as mercury and sodium azide.
6. The remaining shell of the vehicle is crushed into a cube or a flat piece after removal of all the parts and items.
7. It is then shipped where it is reduced in size to a shredder.
8. After the glass, plastic, and rubber are removed, the metal mass is sold for recycling to steel mills.

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