Selecting Channels – Which Ones Are Right For Your Business

Companies can communicate with consumers across a variety of channels and choices, but which ones are right for you, and why is a multi-channel strategy better than a multiple channel strategy?

Every month, it seems that a new line of contact with your customer opens up. Feel free to visit their website at click for more info for more details.

With so many choices, how does an organisation determine which one(s) is best for them, and how do they put together a plan to optimise their effectiveness?

To begin with, there are just too many channels to go over each one individually, but there is a general idea that can be extended to all that should be part of the overall Marketing and Channel Strategy. What you’re trying to convey, how you want to be viewed, who you’re trying to meet, and when you can use those outlets are all important considerations.

Let’s look at the difference between a multi-channel and a multiple-channel approach before I answer these questions. Understanding the distinctions will be critical as you choose various platforms to spread your message, sell your goods, and link your brand with potential customers.

Selecting channels (for example, print, direct mail, television, online media, social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) that are based on creating awareness of your product or service, driving the customer to the procurement phase with a consistent message across channels, and, most importantly, using the different channels to complement each other, as well as maximising the effectiveness of your multi-channel strategy This method of marketing allows for a variety of formats to engage a potential consumer with a consistent message, with the assumption that a multi-channel approach is only as effective as its weakest link, so no channel can be used individually. The emphasis is on messaging, with the understanding that consumers seek information across multiple channels, and that no single channel can be the panacea. Therefore, by choosing targeted channels with complementary messages, your chances of moving a customer to the procurement process improve exponentially.

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