Sleep Apnea Treatment Available to the Affected People

Sleep apnea is not a disease, but a disorder characterized by breathing difficulties. This results in the victim losing sleep. The affected people have various kinds of sleep apnea therapies at their disposal. These treatment choices vary from home remedies or behavior adjustments to nonsurgical and surgical options. However, due to the seriousness of his or her problem, each treatment choice is administered to the affected individual.Have a look at Tuckahoe Snoring for more info on this.

Home remedies/behavior changes:

In order to relieve the effect of sleep apnea on your body, these include things you can do yourself. Again, in cases where the condition is not extreme, this type of treatment is applicable, indicating that the disorder is mild to moderate.

Changes in home remedies/behavior that can be used include lifestyle changes that include:

Loss of weight:

Different research shows that loss of excess weight among obese individuals can completely correct mild to moderate disorder. In fact, even a small weight loss will help to open the affected person’s throat, thereby improving the symptoms.

Smoking Quitting:

By increasing inflammation and fluid retention in the throat and the upper airway, smoking is known to trigger sleep apnea. Thus, in easing the symptoms of the disease, stopping smoking will go a long way. Other home remedies and behavioral changes that may serve as therapies for sleep apnea include avoiding alcohol, sedatives and sleeping pills, especially before bedtime, as they relax the muscles of the throat and thus interfere with the mechanisms of breathing. In addition, within one hour of going to sleep, you can avoid heavy meals and caffeine.

For sleep apnea care, nonsurgical options available include:

Positive airway pressure continuous:

Patients who have severe sleep apnea are administered this form of nonsurgical option. Many individuals, however, find this procedure very tedious and unpleasant since it requires a system that produces air pressure through a mask put over the nose of the patient while the patient is asleep.


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