A New Way of Using Drinking Water in Your Home – A Structured Water Filter

If you’ve never purchased a Structured Water Unit directly from Naturalaction Technologies then there are most likely several reasons holding you back from making this purchase. Perhaps you’ve seen some online videos, read a few articles and maybe even heard Ben Greenfield on the podcast talk about structured water. It sounds like a pretty complicated concept but in actual fact it is not that complicated. click for more info
The way this type of water unit works is by collecting surface tension between two liquids. This occurs when the surface tension is low and this creates an energy gradient. In the simplest terms the surface tension is pulling the positive charge from the negative charge in the unit and that creates a net force. Now imagine for a moment that you took an Olympic weight bench and placed it on a flat surface. Now as you were to do your bench press you would use the same natural attraction/repulsion laws to create a situation where the weights would move one way but the water molecules would always go back the other way.
The beauty behind this whole house structured water unit is that because the surface tension is high there is very little loss of liquid substance from the unit. But there is a huge benefit to this type of unit. Not only can you use it in your home but you can also use it in your commercial buildings and even in your well pumps. This will ensure that you have a constant supply of drinking water no matter where you are in the world. That’s really all that matters when looking at a water filter; it needs to make sure it can handle the type of fluid that it will be filtering.

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