Always Best Care Senior Services-Know More About It

Home Health Care Service is provided by a qualified professional caregiver within the patient’s home where the patient or resident is residing, rather than care provided in traditional nursing homes or hospitals. Home healthcare is sometimes called domiciliary home care, social care or public health care. This type of medical services is intended to meet the needs and prevent the development of further healthcare problems for the patient while allowing the person to retain the independence and freedom of choice in their own home. Home health care service involves the supervision and assistance of a licensed registered nurse, physical therapist, psychiatrist, licensed medical doctor, home health aide, or any other medically trained individual who is trained in the field providing care to individuals who require extended care such as life-long medical conditions. If you wish to learn more about this, visit Always Best Care Senior Services – Dallas Home Health Care.

In most instances, home health care services include assessment and management of current medications; assessment and management of disease processes and conditions; and assistance with activities of daily living (ADL). ADL refers to the ability to carry out the ordinary daily functions of life. A home health aide may also perform such tasks as feeding, bathing, transferring, exercising or using crutches. As the name indicates, personal care services are provided by professionals such as nurses, therapists, and physical therapists. They are trained in assessing the needs of the person and developing a customized plan of care that will help them maintain optimum wellness. The plan usually includes information about medication and therapy, nutritional support, and activities to promote overall wellness.

There are many benefits to hiring home health care agencies to assist you and your loved one. These agencies offer a variety of programs to fit the needs of your family. For example, there are programs that provide short-term homebound care, long term assisted living, residential maintenance, home health aides, home maintenance for the elderly, homebound care assistance and much more. You can find the homebound agency in your area by contacting your local Association of Independent Living Agencies (ALOA) or Medicare. Both organizations provide resources and information on homebound and agency programs that will assist you and your family.

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