Deportation Lawyer: How to Prepare For an Immigration Hearing

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent removes an immigrant or national from the United States by determining if that person is in violation of the law. Deportation affects many individuals throughout the United States, including legal immigrants who have come to the country legally and children who are illegally brought to the country. A Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent will notify a person that they have been chosen for deportation. The accused can request a bond be posted or can go before a judge and request the removal of their bond if they refuse to comply with the order to removal. Removal proceedings usually take place in immigration court, but sometimes can be held in the federal courthouse.Do you want to learn more? Visit JacksonWhite Law-Citizenship Lawyer

An immigration court proceeding can take many months, while a criminal case may only take weeks to reach completion. Because of the lengthy procedures involved in these proceedings, many people opt to hire an immigration lawyer who has experience in the removal process. It is possible to find an immigration lawyer  who specializes in these types of cases, but it can be difficult to locate one who has significant experience. This is why it is often best to hire a defense attorney in the event that one is needed.

Many accused individuals elect to represent themselves in their Deportation Lawyer removal case. While this strategy can work in some circumstances, an immigration court judge may not take the case. When a defendant pleads self-defense in front of a judge, they must provide proof that they are not guilty. For example, if a defendant attempts to argue that they did not harm the individual who was arrested, they will need to provide police reports or other documentation to prove their claim. Without police documentation or other documentation to support their claim, a judge may not admit the defendant’s statement, forcing them to stand trial. Hiring a immigration lawyer who has experience with this type of case is the best way to ensure that one’s immigration hearing will proceed as expected.

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