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One of the greatest problems for wearers of hair systems is not buying or maintaining their hair systems, but finding a good stylist who can cut and blend their system to give all of us the natural look we want. In the Hair Replacement Industry, most hair stylists are qualified as normal hair stylists and simply have to adjust to the style of hair replacement. Different cutting and blending methods will be used by a professionally qualified Hair Replacement Stylist so that the finished style most significantly looks like your naturally developing hair. Approaching a typical salon hairdresser may therefore have devastating effects. In a hair method, cutting is an art. Before they attempt a cut in, there are many things that your stylist needs to consider:

Firstly, before they even make a single cut, they must think ahead and imagine the finished look. Face shape is crucial as certain types just won’t fit those face shapes and it is important to determine the face shape of the client while the target is trying to achieve the most natural looking appearance possible. Check Gro UK – Manchester Clinic – Manchester Hair Replacement.

The next big factor is length. Obviously, because the system hair will not grow back, it is necessary to first cut at a longer length than needed in the basic style and shape. The use of scissors and thinning shears is only convenient for most standard hairdressers.

Your stylist should however be proficient in using a hand held razor to create the most natural blend possible. This improves when the hair around the sides and back is shaved and blended. The razor thins and adds texture to the end hairs that come to rest on the naturally growing hair of your own. Properly used and with a level of expertise, there should be no line noticeable where the hair of the machine reaches your own hair. Consideration should also be given to how the completed style would look after a couple of weeks as the naturally developing hair of the client begins to grow out. This is why you would profit most from using a genuine hair replacement stylist because they will know the exact length at which to cut the system, even after a few weeks, to still maintain the natural look. The layers produced need to be given further consideration as well.

By ensuring that fair layers of density are maintained across the perimeter of your hair system without looking too bulky, a successful hair replacement stylist will always add durability to your hair system. This is because the lace perimeter will become noticeable without proper covering when your device wears and loses hair over time or even when it is merely wet, giving away the big secret to eagle eyed individuals with whom you come into touch on a daily basis. A bad cut would still grow out of regular hairdressing, but a bad hair replacement cut is rather unforgiving. Your hair system can dissolve over time by washing and UVA exposure.

So every few months, it will be important for your stylist to paint your scheme. As good hair systems have bleached knots for realism, it’s important to avoid staining the lace foundation. If your stylist is a hair wearer, this is a major benefit for you once again. It is always a safe idea to use a hair replacement stylist who wears a hair system themselves. They can relate to their customers and offer more qualified style and regular maintenance tips. Their expertise and first-hand experience are important to their customers and also very soothing.

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