Divorce Rebuilders – Some Insight

Describing the Divorce Rebuilders program in Denver, the executive director of Divorce Rebuilders said: “The program’s core value is that every couple must go through this painful yet hopeful experience at least once. It is meant to be a relationship builder and a support group.” She went on to say, “We believe that each marriage is a journey where two people journey together toward a new future. We have seen marriages transform and marriages get better. view
Each session of Divorce Rebuilders incorporates elements of art therapy and marriage counseling and is designed around the idea of couples merging onto a common goal. Participants report coming out of the program feeling empowered and with new ideas about how to improve their marriage. Classes are available in multiple formats, and the Divorce Rebuilders program includes an audio version of an in-depth conversation that took place between a husband and wife, as well as a practice session where a few of the couples from the program meditate with a licensed therapist. Each course of action takes about two hours and will involve group discussions and activities as well as personal reflection time. A certificate of completion is provided to all participants upon completion of each class. All of the course materials are provided as CD-ROMs, and group meetings are held at local churches, community centers and coffee shops.
The Divorce Rebuilders program is one of the most popular divorce recovery and reconnection programs in the country. The ten-week post-divorce life recovery class is taught by a licensed psychologist and incorporates elements of art therapy and marriage counseling into its curriculum. Divorce Rebuilders emphasizes building strong alliances with like-minded individuals to create positive connections and to foster a sense of connectedness rather than separation. The program is currently offered in over twenty-four cities in the United States and has received great reviews from thousands of participants.

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