Facts you should know about Michael Nugent DDS – Pasadena Dental Implants

These are just a few of the issues faced by individuals due to single and numerous missing teeth. Today, dental implants deliver remarkably fast and effective solutions. Artificial roots made from titanium that cover the roots of natural teeth are dental implants for single missing teeth or multiple missing teeth. One implant is mounted on a single missing tooth and a crown is added to it. If you’re looking for more tips, Michael Nugent DDS – Pasadena general dentist has it for you. The effect is a normal looking tooth that acts and operates much like the natural tooth that was replaced. Many people assume that one dental implant is needed to replace each tooth with several missing teeth; that’s not typically the case. For example, if three teeth in a row are missing, only two dental implants and a fixed bridge between them can sometimes be used to replace them. For those that are candidates, the placement of a dental implant is generally quick and almost painless. An sufficient amount and consistency of bone is one prerequisite. As previously described, when a tooth is removed, the bone starts to melt away until its root is secured. Some studies suggest that in the first twelve months, up to 40 percent of the bone volume in that region can be lost. Modern dentists with a knowledge of oral surgery and implants insert materials in the sockets to prevent this from occurring in the tooth roots. The effect is a safe site for a dental implant’s potential placement. When the tooth is extracted, dentists with a more advanced understanding of dental implants may actually put an implant in the socket. The easiest and simplest solution for avoiding bone loss is that this can be done. But because many dentists do not understand dental implants and bone protection protocols, and because many patients take a cavalier approach to tooth loss, there is often a need for an implant to support it, but not enough bone to support it. Modern implant designs mitigate this, as do implant placement protocols such as the All on 4 technique, but the occasional need for more bone cannot be removed. Bone regeneration processes are needed when there actually needs to be more bone.

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