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To attract consumers, advertisers had to focus on newspaper, radio and television advertisements before new media came along. In essence, both of these networks are one-directional contact styles, which involve clever thinking to elicit an answer and maintain consumer loyalty. Today, with the introduction of smart phones, the Internet and other modes of social contact, advertisers may participate in a two-way consumer conversation. You may find more information at Growthworx

A strong call to action and usually a voucher to be redeemed or a tear off coupon to be posted back is used for print ads in the past. In addition to the hit and miss aspect of this strategy, paper-based promotions may be expensive and entail a high degree of administrative control that may not reflect a true image of consumer interest. Where print advertising is used the customer incurs extra media placement charges for the production of the commercial on top of the agency price. Radio and television provide chances to telephone from time to time, but they are simply single-direction contact networks like paper.

Mobile media and the capture of knowledge

The marketing business has been revolutionised by the Internet and cell telecommunications technology, offering the means to monitor consumer desires and gain an affordable connection directly to the client. To aid with business profiling, a form on a website will gather client information and pose key questions. The voluntary provision of contact information for email or cell phones helps the marketer to get in front of’ the consumer without compromising the rules on privacy.

By delivering complimentary materials and giveaways, or the chance to win a race, consumers are also attracted to giving up personal details. The more strongly customers are connected to emerging technology, the stronger the influence of marketers’ knowledge platforms. The rate of ‘hits’ is likely to be much higher than the scattergun method of conventional media while cell phones and other electronic devices are held on the user.

The online world becomes much more effective for marketing purposes as the immediacy and usability of new media is matched with analytics, measurement and consumer profiling / segmentation. Today, anytime we wish to, we will meet the client, waste little time as a challenge or exploit incentive emerges, submit tailored data that represents the profile we have gleaned online and realistically anticipate a reasonable percentage to participate in two-way contact.

Keywords and ads on the website

Internet marketers use common search keywords to isolate what prospective clients are interested in and to ensure that information is accessible online that satisfies the desires of a consumer, but still serves the purpose of connecting the client with the brand of the marketer.

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