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Chiropractic and massage therapy work very well together. So much so, that it’s not uncommon for chiropractors to employ or lease space to massage therapists in their very own office.Learn more about us at Chiropractors massage near me

Some people have visited a massage therapist for stress relief or to deal with a chronic neck or back pain problem. When they didn’t quite get the lasting relief they were looking for, they went to see a chiropractor.

While the chiropractor can work wonders on moving the spine and returning it’s normal function, some patients end up missing their regular massages. They begin to think that they are “cheating” on their chiropractor and get nervous about whether or not they should even mention their visits.

Your chiropractor will usually be very happy you are seeing a massage therapist (depending on your condition). While the chiropractor adjusts the spine to affect the nerves and the surrounding soft tissues (including the muscles), they may not be able to spend the half hour or an hour that you may need to really get our muscles relaxed.

Having a professional massage your and relax any muscle tightness and spasm will help the chiropractor’s ability to give you a more relaxed, pain-free spinal adjustment. The more tense the muscles are when the doctor administers the adjustment, the less comfortable it can be.

From a long term stand point, the Doctor of Chiropractic is also happy to have the improved blood flow and relaxed muscles too. While the doctor moves the bones, it’s ultimately the muscles that will end up maintaining the bones in their proper place.

If you typically spend all day sitting at the computer and your muscles tend to get very tense (like most of us), it makes sense that you’ll benefit from regular massages. Your chiropractor will not object to this in most cases. Where some people experience problems is when they have a herniated disc, or other condition that involves a lot of inflammation.

When your muscles are very inflammed, a deep tissue massage may tend to increase the inflammation, making things temporarily more painful. When the muscles are more painful, they are more difficult to work with and can keep the chiropractor from being able to work on your spine to the degree that they would prefer.

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