How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants are artificial titanium roots that are surgically implanted into the jawbone after your natural tooth or teeth have been removed. An implant is a titanium screw which interfaces with the bone of your jaw or skull and then acts as an anchor for a dental prosthetic including a crown, bridge, root canal denture or dentures. Dental implants enable you to chew food, take water or supplements, smile without showing your teeth and talk normally. They can also be used to correct defects in your teeth or bite and can even replace a missing tooth. This article will discuss how dental implants work and what you should know about them before considering getting one.Have a look at Seattle dental implants for more info on this.

An implant is made from a special type of alloy that is designed to mimic the growth process of a tooth. Titanium is the most common material used for dental implants and it is the strongest metal known to man. Because titanium is also very light weight, it can be easily placed into your jawbone and attached securely with surgical screws.

After your jawbone and gum have been prepared, your surgical professional will place the titanium into the affected area through an incision inside your mouth. Then he will apply a local anaesthetic to you so as to minimize any pain you may experience during the procedure. Once the titanium is in place, it will be bonded to the bone by a process called Osseointegration. This bonding process will ensure that the implant will stay in place and is completely secure. You will usually be required to rest for a few days after being placed with dental implants but they will go back in effect once you resume chewing food and taking regular, proper care of yourself.


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