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Insurance coverage has become such a massive necessity for health insurance, which is why there are so many providers of health insurance today. Since so many insurance companies exist, every insurer wants to deliver something new and better to their customers. This is why such a wide variety of health insurance is affordable.Browse this site listing about association health plans.

Since several providers of medical assistance exist, there are even more forms of health coverage. This is why health insurers like One Plan have such a wide range of coverage at their disposal. In terms of the amount of protection that is given for the amount they need to pay in premiums, both of these policies are different. Therefore, when it comes to Single Package insurance insurers, there are health covers that have minimal cover and are very inexpensive and health policies that provide full cover and cost a little more. How much health cover you need and how much you can afford determines the form of cover that you want.

The Health Plan for the Executive

The Executive Health Plan is only one of the many programs provided by One Plan health insurers for medical assistance. Compared to other forms of cover that this insurer provides, such as the Insurance Plan, which offers basic cover, this form of cover provides more coverage. A maximum amount of R 240.00 is charged per doctor’s appointment when it comes to the Executive Health Plan and there is an annual limit of R 4 140.00. A maximum sum of R 1 500.00 per professional visit is also charged for this form of cover. Moreover, during these appointments, all the tests and drugs are accounted for.

The Executive Health Plan also provides for dental visits with an annual limit of up to R 3 060.00. When it comes to dental operations, the dental cover protects both of these. With radiology and pathology, a doctor needs to refer the patient and up to R 450.00 per visit is charged. There is also maternity cover for each pregnancy, with a maximum of four medical appointments, and the annual limit is R 1 600.00. Therefore, if you want to protect yourself and even your family, the Executive Health Plan is quite a robust health cover and is fine. Whatever kind of cover you need, from One Package Health Insurers, you are sure to find it.

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