Pigmentation Treatment And Removing Freckles The Safer Way

It is possible to see freckles and ‘beauty spots’ as both a good thing and a negative thing. They come into fashion regularly and are marketed as ‘cute,’ but some individuals may see their freckles as unnecessary blemishes throughout the year and long for a more even skin tone.

It can be time-consuming and burdensome to cover up freckles with make-up and sometimes fails to achieve the desired results.

It doesn’t have to be hard to find a pigmentation treatment to suit you and to safely remove freckles and other blemishes.Have a look at Pompano Beach Scalp Micropigmentation Association for more info on this.

Until recently, the use of hydroquinone or one of its derivatives for skin lightening has been very widespread, but concerns about its safety have limited its availability and use. Fortunately, alternative therapies have been developed that are not only safer, but more effective. Light-based therapies, i.e. laser and IPL and chemical melanin suppressant peels, are the most effective of these. If it concerns melasma/chloasma freckles, birthmarks, age spots and other signs of sun damage, each form of treatment has its strengths and it is now possible to select a treatment that is especially appropriate for the type of pigmentation issue.

Melanin, the chemical in the body that causes the skin to darken, is a result of pigmentation. In response to exposure to ultra-violet radiation, the body develops melanin to provide natural protection from over-exposure.

IPL and lasers work by using light wavelengths that are absorbed by a particular form of melanin called eumelanin. Eumelanin is the melanin that colors brown and black hair and skin. It heats up to the point that the melanin generating cells known as melanocytes are denatured and avoid producing more melanin as the eumelanin absorbs the light.

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