Process to know about Haltom City Bankruptcy Lawyer Association

Second, bear in mind that your payments to the trustee start immediately, but you must physically send your payments directly to the trustee before the payroll deduction begins. The first due date for the Dallas case will be 30 days from the day we filed the petition for bankruptcy.If you’re looking for more tips, Haltom City Bankruptcy Lawyer Association has it for you.

Third, please ensure that your full name and the court’s case number are written directly on the front of every invoice you submit. There are several thousand documents to supervise the Chapter 13 trustee, and you do not want your pay-out postponed because it was lost in the process and did not suit your case. Many trustees do not allow private checks, so send a money order or cashier’s check and make sure that it was lost in the mix and did not suit your case (which is on the initial paperwork that the Trustee sends).You should not submit a payment via FedEx because it is a PO Box, but if you are in a rush or otherwise certified mail, you can use the Express Mail option of the Postal Service. You offer it however, hold on to the mailing evidence. Ultimately, you should and should take the time to monitor the payments earned in your case from the trustee.

Missing your payment for Chapter 13 causes more problems than anything else, especially in cases that would otherwise be productive. Although both the lawyer and the trustee of the bankruptcy spend extra time discussing how important it is to keep the payments current in Chapter 13, accidents are bound to occur.

Second, you are the one whose job is to make sure the payments are approved by the Trustee. The transactions can be done in Dallas through payroll deduction or auto-debit. It’s much easier for you that way, but you have to be vigilant to ensure that the company you deal for sends the money in the way they are supposed to do. The lawsuit will be dismissed if you do so.

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