Society Salon – Revamping Hair Salon Services

Are you interested in revamping the look of your hair salon and increasing hair salon services sales? Or maybe you simply want to add new services to your hair salon menu to increase hair service revenue? Either way, you’ve struck gold. Salon revenue is up, service revenue up, and profits are up-and they weren’t really all that high to begin with. If you are looking for more tips, check out Society Salon.
Salon revenue has largely remained steady over the past few years despite the fact that the major service categories saw declines in overall clientele. One of the main reasons is that hair salon services like fusion extensions and high ticket cuts have remained popular with clients. Both of these categories account for 90% of a salon’s revenue. Despite the fact that high ticket cuts and fusion extensions are some of the more expensive cuts in hair salon services, they remain extremely popular with salon clients. And even though the overall trend is to offer more services like general cuts, low maintenance styles and add-on hair pieces, these two categories continue to soar in popularity.
Perhaps the biggest reason for the increased profitability of hair salon services is the fact that many hair salon clients tend to shop around a lot before deciding on a salon. With a shorter hair salon service price list, salons can compete more effectively for each service dollar. This means that they have to go the extra mile to convince customers that they need to have this done, whether it is something like a cut, color treatment or straightening. This extra effort pays off for salons because they know that their clients are going to be comparing prices before deciding on a salon, which is how they manage to offer a quality haircut at a lower price.

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