The Best Diet For Your Teeth and Gums

Diet can play a very important role in the fight against cavities and tooth decay in addition to proper teeth hygiene. There are bad foods and there are good teeth foods, but proper cleaning is the bottom line and general teeth hygiene must be included in a proper diet. For many people, choosing a proper diet may sound easy, because we all know that a proper diet must include lots of fruitsĀ -more info here.

Tooth decay and gum disease are a consequence of plague, and it causes cavities, gum inflammation and gingivitis if plague is not properly extracted from the tooth. A diet that is healthy for the teeth is one that contains the necessary minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that will improve the enamel in the teeth.

Foods that are bad for teeth include but are not limited to sugar foods such as cookies, starchy foods such as breads, dried fruits, as well as sugars. Make sure that you include fresh fruits when you decide which foods are best for your teeth, and apples are the most recommended. Apples are said to increase the flow of saliva in the mouth, stimulate the gums and reduce the bacteria that ca

Most of us tend to have snacks between our meals during the day, as a result of cravings or feeling hungry. The problem is that we mostly snack on the wrong foods. Celery or carrot, plain yogurt and nuts are the best things to snack on, which do not attack your teeth or the enamel. These do not attack your teeth and are actually healthy for your teeth.

The best diet is one that includes fruits and vegetables, as they contain a lot of vitamins, especially A and C that promote healthy gums. Foods rich in calcium, including cheese, yogurt and low-fat milk, are also included in one’s diet.

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