The Real Truth About Marijuana

“So what’s the big deal. It’s legal for God sakes!” For all sorts of things, it’s also used as medicine. Why should I quit smoking? It’s okay. Stay out of my things; you just have no idea what’s true. In addition, why do we have a dedicated piece of furniture called “the liquor cabinet” in this house Pretty hypocritical to me, don’t you think?” I’ll do mine, you do yours. Yours is also legal, but is it never used because it’s medicine? It does more harm, I’m sure, than my pot does. Everyone that I know does it. Like I’ve said a million times, it’s perfect. Only get updated. I feel good, comfortable, creative and at ease, so what’s wrong with that? There is no need to overreact and try and keep things under control. In fact, pushing me not to just makes me want to do more of it. I don’t know why you’re not getting this.Have a look at Northeast Alternatives Marijuana Dispensary Fall River, MA-Dispensary With Edibles for more info on this.

Sound familiar? This debate/dialogue has been going on for many decades, but not like the last 10 to 15 years since legalisation and medicinal uses have become more common and increasing. Legalization itself has not dramatically increased cannabis usage, but where it is legal, there are seemingly more permissive attitudes towards cannabis in general. The perception of the dangers of marijuana drops sharply from the perception of marijuana.

Also, families and parents are not as well-informed about the dangers of daily use of cannabis or even what is legal and what is not. Their youth know much better, and many tend to disregard, contradict or reject the significant risks and damage alerts from the vast body of research.

Advertisers in states where cannabis is legal are specifically advertised in free print advertisements and via playful photos to their young constituents. Of course, where there is a profit to be made, producers will be influenced and incentives will be offered to attract young consumers, including state legislators.

The potential of the current supply of marijuana is considerably higher than in previous decades. The concentration of THC in marijuana ranged between 5 and 10 percent thirty years ago. The potential is now greater than 30 percent.

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