Why Use Bear Fencing?

If you want to keep wild animals out of your back yard, consider bear fencing. Wild animals are drawn to open spaces and if you have an unobstructed forest trail or a large tree in your backyard, animals will find your property and be gone for good. In order to keep them out, you need to seal it off from the outside. Electric bear fencing offers the best protection against animals entering your back yard while offering the least amount of damage to your property. This is because the fence only affects animals that can actually pass through it.You may want to check out Fencing near Me for more.

Fortunately, with some simple prevention effort, you can keep wild bears away from your house without spending a lot of money to get the devices in place. When you aren’t around, you can simply install the electric fence right on your property to discourage animals from coming in. For bear protection, one of the most common devices is a bottom insulator that is buried in the ground several feet underground and secured by galvanized steel posts. Another option is to buy plastic fence posts that resemble cedar shakes or wooden poles, which offer similar benefits. If you are going to install bear fencing, it is best to install the bottom insulator on the outside of the chain link fence and the plastic posts on the inside.

You have several options when it comes to bear fencing. You can either purchase the devices separately or you can utilize a do-it-yourself electric fence design kit that has pre-fabricated fence posts and wiring. The design kits usually come with several different fence designs to choose from, which makes it easier to match an existing backyard design. In addition to the electric fence design, many bear protection companies offer other products such as natural repellents, which keep bears away, and even landscaping material that mimic bear scat. With all the options available, bear fencing seems to be gaining popularity in North America where many residents live in close proximity to deer and other wildlife.

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